iSPEED Smart Platform for Efficient Electrical Distribution


One of the main challenges of the Smart Grid is to answer the question: how can we distribute the intelligence to process the events, alarms, measurements and coordinate the operations that are currently managed in a centralized way? The answer is iSPEED (Smart Platform for Efficient Electrical Distribution), a real time integrated data acquisition and processing platform, with the ability to handle large volumes of data from the network nodes in a secured, distributed and loosely-coupled way.

The main purpose of iSPEED is to increase productivity and efficiency in the management of information generated by various monitoring and control applications. To this end, information management improvement is looked for efficient execution of processes associated with these applications, while reducing the chances of error in data manipulation. This improvement in information management is provided through the exchange of information quickly and reliably, while ensuring the update of the latest data. This platform also provides the necessary tools to perform both, centralized and distributed data processing, being able at the same time to persist the acquired and processed information in an agile way and for large volume of data.


Information Model

Integrated information model guaranteeing data Interoperability (based on CIM and IEC61850 standards)

Real Time Middleware

Real Time Middleware based on the Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard from the Open Management Group (OMG)


Delivers the security, performance and safety required for the deployment of the Industrial Internet of Things. Introduces a robust set of security capabilities such as authentication, encryption, access control and logging.

Protocols support

Protocol connectors for Field Devices, SCADA, Control Systems (Modbus, IEC104, ICCP, OPC, ...)

Big Data

Big Data and cache storage with Analytical capabilities through new technologies for both batch and real-time processing

Edge Computing

The integrated Complex Event Processing (CEP) Engine allows the business knowlegde to be distributed on the different network layers on the Low Level Nodes

Quality of Service

QoS control many aspects of how and when data are distributed among applications like reliability, availability, liveliness, etc.


  • Availability of Critical information in Real Time
  • System's Response-time reduction
  • Available for multiple architectures and programming environments
  • Data homogenity. Enables systems interoperability
  • System's bottleneck reduction
  • Oriented to the distribution of logic among nodes located at different network levels
  • Integration of new systems and services without affecting existing ones


iSPEED development has been achieved through the support of several R&D Projects



Disruptive innovation is our vision, continuous improvement our main goal

Quality of Service

Standard parametrization of Quality of Service for the energy domain


Security implementation following the recently published DDS security standard: Message encryption, Transport Layer, etc.

Edge Computing

Integration of new technology components at the low level processing nodes like OSGi Container, basic processing algorithms

Advanced Analytics Framework

Development of a whole set of use cases on top of the real time middleware using an analytics layer that utilizes a wide range of technologies

Development Framework

Release of an open and standard development framework for integrators and partners

Administration Tool

New functionality to be added to the existing monitoring and administration tool

Network Interoperability

Implementation of new tools for enhancing interoperability in broad and heterogeneous WAN

Social Networks

Standard connectors for the integration with social networks

Augmented Reality

Integration with augmented/virtual reality technologies

Media Files

iSPEED Platform

iSPEED Platform

InGRID Indra Power Grid Solution

InGRID Indra Power Grid Solution

Scada - DMS Real Time integration

Scada - DMS Real Time integration

Active Grid Monitoring

Active Grid Monitoring

Nemo&Coded.Energy Efficiency Platform

Nemo&Coded. Energy Efficiency Platform

Arrowhead. Energy Efficiency Platform

Arrowhead. Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Imponet Acquisition

Imponet. Data acquisition, processing and availability

Imponet Forecasting

Imponet. Forecasting

Imponet PowerQuality

Imponet. Power Quality Monitoring

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